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NJI supports Meta in bringing global impact to life through personalized experiences tailored to priority audiences, all grounded in public policy. Our work — designed to resonate globally while creating impact locally — spans hundreds of markets and addresses complex policy topics. 


We’ve successfully executed thousands of live events and product demos that engaged audiences and influenced policy. Our multimedia production content ranges from case studies and research reports to innovative digital experiences featuring augmented and virtual reality. In support of our strategic communications efforts, we’ve developed dozens of websites, adhering to high accessibility, security, and privacy standards in compliance with international regulations. Our work has consistently exceeded the expectations of Meta’s global teams.



“Our lobbyists have never seen any piece of collateral look so perfect — well-designed, well-written, and incredibly customized. This right here is what will set us apart as an effective policy shop on the Hill.”
– Meta Client Team Member
A collage of eight slides from a presentation. The slides include images of people, text, and charts. Some slides feature topics like "Morning sessions," "Lunch," "ICE BREAKER," "Agenda," "CRM data," "Discussion," "SWOT analysis," and "Q&A sessions.
A two-page spread for Meta's Global State of Small Business Report. The left page shows a fisherman hauling a lobster trap on a boat. The right page displays the report's title, brief summary, and an image of two people discussing business, accompanied by various charts and text.
A smartphone screen displays a Facebook post by Meta. The post features a report titled "Global State of Small Business" and includes a woman wearing a colorful face mask. A statistic of "34%" is highlighted. The background is softly blurred with pastel colors.


NJI’s deep understanding of Meta’s evolving brand and visual values has enabled us to build assets and experiences that reflect the company’s policy interests. We have also identified opportunities to deploy the Meta brand to meet the needs of diverse and nuanced audiences worldwide.

A clear plastic badge holder with a blue lanyard contains an event pass. The pass displays a photo of a person with light orange curly hair, wearing a grey hoodie, the text "EVENT PASS," "Name, Name," and "Content Creator @username". The background has colorful blurred shapes.
Three roll-up banners feature an image of a white Amazon Lily flower. The text promotes the Amazon Lily and has a QR code at the bottom. The blue and black "Meta" logo appears at the bottom of each banner. The background is subtle with a hint of greenery.


Policy Collateral Created


Websites Built


Event Activations
A digital illustration of a surreal, futuristic landscape with floating circular platforms connected by small pathways. Human-like blue figures stand on some platforms. The background is light blue, with several doors and tall rectangular windows emitting white light.
A 3D illustration depicts a futuristic cityscape with floating platforms, trees, and various architectural elements suspended in a light blue sky. The scene is minimalistic with smooth, rounded shapes, and the platforms are connected by slender columns.