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Campaign Scores Big With Major League Partnerships

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The American Gaming Association (AGA) engaged NJI to launch a responsible sports betting campaign featuring partnerships with several major sports leagues, including the NBA, WNBA, MLB, NHL, and NFL.

Home plate with the message "Have A Game Plan. Bet responsibly." is written in red and blue text. A baseball glove holding a baseball rests on home plate, surrounded by a dirt field.


Co-branded visuals, motion graphics, and campaign videos amplified AGA’s visibility and messaging while sharing important safety information and educational resources across five major leagues. The resulting campaign exceeded impression goals and reached 8,000 priority stakeholders who work at AGA member companies, including C-suite executives, VPs, commissioners, directors, and more.


major sports league partnerships


priority stakeholders reached


We produced a series of digital assets that elevated AGA’s “Have A Game Plan” campaign and incorporated the unique brand guidelines of each league partner. A bold aesthetic, combined with eye-catching sports imagery, engaged fans and legitimize in-venue sports betting

A hockey player in a red jersey shoots the puck towards the goal as the goalie in a blue jersey dives to make a save. Another player in a white jersey watches from the background. Hand-drawn play strategy lines overlay the image, indicating the action.

Our design team created a visually compelling environment for concise, confident messaging, while our video team audited, directed, and translated the assets into motion graphics for a widescreen format. We coupled a marching band soundtrack with the audio of a cheering stadium crowd to convey the energy of live sports. The visual sequence of design elements was carefully timed to the beat of the drumline, building anticipation and crafting a seamless visual narrative that connected each animation to the next. AGA’s information, tools, and resources were shared across social and digital platforms to ensure everyone has a game plan.

A flyer and infographic titled "Super Bowl LVI By The Numbers" with red and white background. The flyer features a referee raising his hands, and the infographic has statistics on viewership and spending. Both papers are placed on a light surface with a play diagram underneath.
A football team wearing black jerseys with white pants walks through smoke onto the field. The stadium lights are bright in the background. A large sign reads, "Have a game plan. Bet responsibly." The players' jersey numbers visible are 67, 24, and 19.