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Trade-Show Booth Sparks Employee Engagement

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The Home Depot’s annual Store Managers Meeting, which brings together managers from more than 2,000 stores, is the optimal place to amplify the Government Relations team’s work and engage managers in key policy issues. The team asked NJI to create a unique experience that would educate and engage managers in key policy issues.

An orange background with abstract game strategy diagrams. The bold black letters "GAME TIME" are displayed prominently alongside the smaller white text "IT'S" set inside a basketball icon. Below, the white text “GAME TIME” appears upside down and mirrored.


We designed a fun, interactive experience that served as an immediate magnet for over 5,000 attendees, enabling hundreds of conversations and connections with store managers and political action committee captains from across the country. Our booth incorporated custom designs and videos, which helped build interest in store-level, grassroots advocacy while establishing a robust ecosystem of assets that Home Depot can leverage at future events.

A flyer and its folded view are displayed. The flyer primarily uses orange, white, and black colors with basketball motifs. It announces an event by Home Depot PAC to celebrate successful 2021 PAC captains, taking place in Las Vegas, NV on May 11, 2022.
Two framed posters on a wall with identical designs. They have an orange and black color scheme with white accents, and both say, "THANK YOU PAC CAPTAINS!" The PAC logo is at the bottom center of each poster. Various shapes and lines decorate the backgrounds.




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Inspired by March Madness, NJI created an “It’s Gametime” theme that integrated Home Depot colors, styles, and fonts — an eye-catching way to present complex public affairs messaging in a digestible format. Custom design and signage contextualized Home Depot’s legislative agenda, building interest in grassroots advocacy efforts at the store level. 

An orange basketball game setup with two hoops and backboards, branded with The Home Depot logo. The backboards feature white lines and graphics. The background wall reads “It’s Game Time” in large black and white letters against an orange backdrop.
An indoor basketball game setup with two hoops against an orange backdrop that reads "IT'S GAME TIME". The foreground has a large sign featuring the number 46, the text "FOUL ON THE PLAY" and "A STRONG DEFENSE". Another smaller sign is partially visible.
A man and a woman are engaged in a conversation at a trade show booth. The man is holding a smartphone while the woman points at it. The booth has a basketball game setup and a "GAME TIME" sign overhead. Other exhibitors and attendees are visible in the background.