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Meta engaged NJI to develop a series of illustrations for community impact reports, focusing on the positive impact of Meta’s products and services at local and regional levels worldwide. These assets were designed to deliver a consistent global message while reflecting local cultures and interests.

Illustration of five people wearing masks, waving at each other against an orange background with abstract patterns. They appear to be greeting or saying goodbye, with one person in a red shirt and others dressed in various vibrant colors.


With such a vast array of communities and cultures to represent visually and limited options for photoshoots, we pivoted to colorful, custom illustrations to show Meta’s impact on individuals and communities. These hyper-localized and deeply researched illustrations brought meaningful moments to life and represented global diversity while honoring local traditions and cultural sensitivities. The assets highlighted genuine moments of connection fostered by Meta’s programs and technologies, offering the team visually striking and flexible imagery for use in various efforts.

Illustration of a woman and a man in a wheelchair working together in a kitchen. The woman is arranging purple cups on a tray, while the man is looking at a tablet on the table. Shelves filled with jars and bottles are seen in the background.
A digital illustration depicts two older adults wearing masks seated in a waiting room, one with an orange scarf and the other with a purple headscarf. A masked healthcare worker in a white coat holds a clipboard while entering the room.
An illustration of three masked people at a market. An older woman with white hair inspects a fruit, a man with dark hair receives a bag from a vendor with blonde hair. Colorful flowers are arranged in the foreground, and buildings are visible in the background.
An illustration shows a teacher in a pink dress and mask pointing at a whiteboard with a red marker. Two students in masks sit facing her, holding laptops. The background includes a desk and a wall with abstract shapes and lines.
An illustration of two volunteers, wearing yellow vests and face masks, distributing bags to a woman in scrubs with a backpack. One volunteer, standing, hands a bag to the woman, while the other volunteer, kneeling, organizes additional bags on the ground.
Illustration of two women sitting on a bench outdoors, each with a laptop. One woman wears a red beanie and the other has her hair in a bun. A string of colorful flags hangs above them, and books are stacked next to the bench. They appear to be chatting.


We uncovered rich stories, moments, and memories to spotlight through bespoke illustrations. These incorporated region-specific details such as Latin American weaving patterns, Asia-Pacific batik, textile designs from the Middle East and North Africa, and elements of Austin, Texas, food culture. We considered every detail of skin tone, attire, and accessories to ensure Meta could easily adapt each image to reflect diverse audiences, markets, and contexts.

A vibrant digital collage featuring a central artwork of two adults and a child cooking, surrounded by smaller images of a cowboy, colorful textiles, a plate of tamales, and a geometric pattern. The central image is labeled "Austin" and includes the text "Lorem Ipsum.
Illustration of a blue house of cards on a green and light blue background. The cards forming the structure display an ace of spades, a six of hearts, and a three of spades. The house is composed of two levels, with the top level having a single card.
Illustration of a brown paper bag with dark handles, filled with a bottle of oil and a loaf of bread. The background is a solid light yellow color.
Illustrated image of a hand holding a teal reusable coffee cup against a matching teal background. The hand is shown in a simple, stylized manner, with dark-painted nails, and the cup has a closed lid, suggesting it is ready for takeaway.


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Custom Patterns
Illustration of a man wearing an orange shirt and blue turban engaging in a video call with three people on his computer screen: a bald person, an older person with gray hair, and a person with curly hair and glasses waving. The background is yellow.