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Illustrations Connect Public to Health Care Innovation

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General Electric (GE) engaged NJI to create custom illustrations that educate employees and the public about the innovative solutions powering their newest health care and aerospace technologies. 


NJI’s hand-drawn illustrations simplify complex products and processes into accessible ideas that engage and inform the general public, as well as GE employees across internal and digital channels. Our team was thrilled to see our work featured in Popular Science magazine.

Illustration depicting a medical technology workflow: a patient undergoes a scan, data is analyzed on a computer, and results are shared via a tablet. The process involves diagnostic imaging, data processing, and collaboration between medical professionals.
A patient in a yellow shirt is lying down on a medical imaging machine, such as an MRI scanner. A healthcare professional in a white coat is standing beside the machine, adjusting settings. There is a scale and some medical equipment nearby.
An office scene with a woman joyfully raising her arms. The office features a desk with a computer, sticky notes, a calendar on the wall, a model airplane on a stand, a trash bin, and an office chair. Papers and a box are on the desk. The mood is cheerful.
A person sits at a computer desk in an office setting. The desk holds a monitor, several colorful books, a document, and a stacked orange and yellow box. The person appears to be working and is facing the computer screen. The room has a modern design.
Illustration of a smartphone showing an Instagram post by General Electric. Surrounding the phone is a flowchart-like design depicting various stages of medical or scientific processes, including MRI imaging, analysis, DNA sequencing, and laboratory automation.
An illustration displaying a cross-section of a tire with various colored arrows. Blue arrows indicate airflow while orange arrows highlight a different directed flow. The tire is mounted on a blue platform, all set against a light blue background.


We crafted a series of unique, brand-aligned illustrations to drive understanding of GE’s Healthcare AIR™ Recon DL, GE9X Engine, and Aerospace Lean Manufacturing processes and technologies. Accessible 2D and 3D designs featured clean, simple aesthetics with carefully placed text annotations to underscore moments of action. The resulting illustrations broke down highly technical concepts into clear, easy-to-comprehend designs.

A set of four isometric illustrations depict different stages of a product lifecycle. They show design, prototyping, manufacturing, and marketing phases with people working on various tasks such as designing, assembling, and promoting products in each scene.
A technical blueprint of a jet engine, showcasing various components in a 3D illustration. Next to it is a color palette labeled "GEEX Engine 3D Illustrated Color Palette," featuring various shades of greys, blues, and tertiary colors like green, yellow, and orange.
Illustration of an aircraft engine with a cutaway view showing internal components. Three engineers analyze the engine using a digital screen. To the right, icons depict various aviation technology elements on platforms, including a turbine, an airfoil, and a fuel gauge.