Sense of Time

Marking 15 Years of Creative Curiosity

Words by NJI
Published April 29, 2022
Last Updated July 3, 2024

Marking 15 Years of Creative Curiosity

Sustaining creative capacity day after day, year after year, requires active learning and constant listening. After 15 years of service expressing the interest and ambition of others, we know that fostering creativity is the rose line of our work. NJI remains committed to our founding mission to challenge the status quo. We recognize that:

persistent curiosity is the greatest act of rebellion.

Our responsibility is to create space for inspiration and collaboration by our team members and our clients. To remain fresh and focused for each project requires both expertise and opportunity. It requires building an organizational foundation that supports rebels — true rule-breakers who are driven to create the extraordinary where others see the ordinary.

As we mark our crystal anniversary, our team acutely feels the positivity that stems from the unexpected respite of being home these past two years, and we deeply feel the loss of togetherness and shared experiences taken so abruptly from our lives.

Inspired by the classic and modern anniversary symbols of crystal and time, we have envisioned a year-long celebration for the NJI community that will awaken our senses to create marrow-deep memories linked to our sense of smell, sight, taste, touch, and sound.

Embracing the vivid beauty of spring blossoms and fragrant flowers or the ancient complexity of the night sky that stretches across the globe and our growing offices — we will gather. From the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee to the banks of the Potomac River, we will seek inspiration near and far to connect and entice. We will create and explore the familiar and unexpected with a new appreciation for time together. We will feed our curiosity and fill our cups to the brim.

To embark on a grand adventure is to acknowledge that what lies ahead is greater than where you are and to accept you will be forever changed by the journey. We are an agency that craves complexity. Seeks the treacherous path. Chases the impossible. We are an agency built on trust, opportunity, and kindness. This is NJI at 15.