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Podcasts Recommendations for an Audio Adventure

Words by Tamrah Chalom, Marketing & Communications Manager
Published May 11, 2023
Last Updated June 28, 2024

Good things are meant to be shared. At NJI, we often tune into podcasts to spark inspiration and share new ideas, perspectives, and information with each other. Whether we’re soaking up insights from industry leaders, laughing along to bantering comedians, or discovering science and history, podcasts keep us inspired and entertained.

Here are a few of our favorites:

Comedy & Entertainment


Panda Reviews:

“These provide great entertainment while exercising. I like narrative, human-interest podcasts that distract my brain from the pain of running.”
– Aubrey Peterson, Senior Account Manager

“It’s instant fun and comedy. New Heights provides weekly insights into the inner workings of life of professional athletes.”
– Zaid Abdullah Account Manager

“Sports Junkies provides the latest and most relevant updates on the world of sports, with a focus on the DC-based teams, all while injecting humor into their discussions.”
Claudio Meira, VP of Development

Inspiration and Entrepreneurship

Panda Reviews:

“The podcasts offer opportunities for learning new perspectives and diving deeper into creative topics.”
– Julia Ames, Creative Director

“Life Kit guides us on how to be better humans. From financial literacy to tech insights to life hacks, this podcast teaches me something everyday.”
– Alba Reyes, Project Management Intern

“I like to listen to Honest HR to hear different perspectives on other people’s thoughts.”
Kirsten Tieder, Senior Human Resources Manager

Science and Discovery

Panda Reviews:

“Tune in for a deep-dive into interesting topics”.
– Nate Politi, EVP

“Stuff You Should Know is an easy listen and my go-to comfort podcast.”
– Jessie Noble, Senior Designer

“They all teach you something new, but each has different approaches and focuses on different subjects.”
– Hillary De Mayo, Finance and Operations Manager

“These podcasts have given me so many fun facts, and have brought out my child-like curiosity about the world around us.”
– Rikki Acuna, Project Coordinator

History and Journalism

Panda Reviews:

“Interesting narrative, human-interest podcasts to distract my brain while running, and learn something interesting along the way.”
– Aubrey Peterson, Senior Account Manager

“Great unbiased storytelling that unpacks real human history in a format that explains historical events from each country, region or individual human angle.”
– Daniel Kemether, Managing Director of Accounts


Panda Reviews:

“If you like thrillers, you’re going to be completely addicted to this one. The story is wild and gets the heart racing.”
– Sherry Tsang, Senior Designer

“Perfect for long car rides.”
Kirsten Tieder, Senior Human Resources Manager

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