NJI Sponsors the 2024 Brussels Public Affairs Forum

How to Navigate the Evolving Global Landscape of Public Affairs

The image shows the flag of the European Union. It is a blue flag with twelve gold stars arranged in a circle. The flag is waving in the wind against a cloudy sky, and is attached to a long vertical pole.
Words by Josh Shultz, CEO and co-Founder
Published June 24, 2024
Last Updated July 8, 2024

Last week, NJI sponsored PAC’s Brussels Public Affairs Forum and Study Tour, gatherings that brought together leading minds in global public affairs to discuss the dynamic landscape of the European Union (EU). The forum offered attendees insights into the challenges and opportunities within the field of public affairs.

With ongoing regulatory changes and shifting political landscapes, understanding the intricacies of the EU is more critical than ever. A key highlight of the forum was the discussion on the role of effective messaging in EU public affairs campaigns. In an era of information overload, crafting content that resonates with specific audiences is paramount. Speakers emphasized the importance of clarity, relevance, and emotional appeal in public affairs messaging. 

Reflecting on the event, NJI’s CEO and co-Founder, Josh Shultz, remarked, “The Brussels PAC Forum underscored that public affairs practitioners value the importance of imaginative creative that cuts through the noise and drives meaningful engagement with stakeholders.”

With the rise of digital technologies and the increasing importance of transparency and accountability, public affairs professionals must stay ahead of the curve. Emerging trends include data analytics in campaign strategy, the growing influence of social media, and the need for proactive crisis management. 

Shultz continued, “As we navigate the global challenges and opportunities ahead, NJI remains committed to helping our clients harness the power of creativity and innovation to achieve their public affairs goals.”

Join the conversation on how to drive meaningful engagement with public affairs stakeholders.