NJI and Freedman International Announce Public Affairs Localization Partnership

Words by NJI
Published June 27, 2023
Last Updated June 28, 2024

Global creative leaders in public policy-focused design and insight-driven localisation bring unmatched expertise to government relations teams and organisations.

NJI, the preeminent creative agency for public affairs, and Freedman International, the leading global insight-driven localisation agency, announced today a strategic partnership to provide best-in-class creative and strategic services to global public affairs teams.

For clients that desire the rare blend of public policy expertise and exceptional creative tailored precisely to local markets, the NJI/Freedman partnership provides a seamless solution with unparalleled client service — anywhere in the world.

“Measurable, meaningful public affairs influence is achieved through intuitive and effortless communication,” said NJI President Lara Kline. “Our partnership with Freedman enables effective and efficient scaling of creative strategy and services for clients across hundreds of countries, each reflecting the language and culture of individual markets while protecting a client’s brand and message integrity.”

NJI, based in Washington, D.C., with offices in London and Singapore, consistently delivers effective strategies and creativity to bridge the gap between policy objectives and creative communication. Freedman International brings 30 years of experience and expertise in helping businesses adapt their messaging and marketing materials to resonate with local markets worldwide. With a global community of in-market linguists and cultural experts, Freedman International ensures complex, multi-market campaigns are culturally relevant, on-brand, and efficiently delivered.

Kevin Freedman, CEO of Freedman International adds, “Brands are looking for the most effective way to connect with audiences across multiple markets, ensuring every piece of communication across every channel is compliant, consistent and culturally relevant – this is what we specialise in.” He continues “working with partners like NJI enables us to offer a comprehensive offering to policy teams to support their growth.”

The combined thought leadership and expertise of the NJI/Freedman teams extend across print, digital, OOH advertising, film, broadcast, and virtual production. The teams have co-authored a new resource, Virtual Production Belongs in Every Company’s Storytelling Toolkit, demonstrating the potential of virtual production in delivering immersive content and sharing complex stories across global markets.

About NJI

NJI solves complex public affairs challenges with fully orchestrated, elegantly crafted content. Headquartered in Washington, D.C., with offices in London and Singapore, NJI is a certified LGBT-owned company and certified veteran employer. Learn more at www.njimedia.com or contact Lisa Filgas at lisaf@njimedia.com.

About Freedman International

Freedman International is an insight-driven localisation agency specialising in adapting communications and marketing materials for local audiences worldwide. With a global community of in-market linguists and cultural experts, Freedman International enables brands to efficiently deliver consistent, compliant, and culturally relevant communications. Learn more at www.freedmaninternational.com or email jade.firth@freedmaninternational.com