Blooming Panda: Global Floral Workshops

15th Anniversary Sensory Team Experience

Words by NJI
Published April 29, 2022
Last Updated July 3, 2024

Fragrance filled the air at NJI’s global offices this month for our first 15th anniversary team celebration. Like the water-loving hydrangeas in our arrangements, our crew thirsted for in-person interaction and felt restored by immersing ourselves in a new experience. NJI CEO and Co-Founder Josh Shultz noted the HQ gathering brought together the most NJI staff, in one place, in the history of the agency.

Local florist designers from D.C., London, and Singapore shared their passion for flowers with us and led in the creation of personal flower arrangements. Special thanks to the Blooming Bohemian, of Washington, D.C.; The Flower Factory, of London; and Fleuriste, of Singapore, for sharing their expertise.

Investing in employees is an NJI cornerstone, and this experience reminded everyone how important it is to make time to be together, to try something new, and to stop and smell the flowers.

The individual flowers in the panda-created bouquets were chosen with care and purpose to symbolize the core values, mission, and vision of NJI.

Photos by Micah E. Wood