NJI’s Most Epic Birthday Yet

This Tuesday marked the birthday of our CEO Nathan J. Imperiale. And, this year’s celebrations marked the most epic birthday party ever for Nathan J. Imperiale. Festivities included Taqueria Poblano tacos and margaritas: a custom birthday announcement image courtesy of Photox: A mariachi band: A video posted by Marie Formica (@marieohplease) on Nov 11, 2014 at 7:16am PST […]

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My “Type” of Halloween

There are thousands of resources for finding the perfect free font for your Halloween event this year. But rather than wasting your time dredging through the wingdings and dingbats, we’ve made it easy on you. Here are our top 5 free halloween display typefaces (in no particular order).   Dracufrankenwolf   Fundead   Ghoulish   Mortuary   […]

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Keep It Weird

Inc. magazine offers a perspective today that may be awash among companies that adopt their competitor’s style. Never do this. It makes you lame. There are some brands that already get it. Marshall’s turned its limited, unpredictable inventory into a treasure hunt. Southwest made peanuts a celebration of savings and an inspiration for a nutty […]

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