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an award-winning interactive agency that specializes in website design, web development, User Experience (UX) design, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), multimedia production and online communications strategy in the Washington, D.C. area. We provide our services to some of the most high profile political, corporate and non-profit organizations across the country and internationally.

Our team of sharp-minded strategists, visionary designers, technology fanatics, and analytics fiends work together to implement seamless solutions to our clients’ digital communications challenges.

  • Best Government Website
  • Best Issue Advocacy Website
  • Best Non Profit Website
  • Best Political Website

25 Things You Didn't Know About NJI Media

  • Our Director of Development is a former Hibachi chef.
  • Our clients are always welcome to come work out of our office when they need a little creative inspiration.
  • We keep no fewer than twelve varieties of hot sauce in the Warehouse kitchen.
  • Two of the NJI team members are from California. Neither of them knows how to surf.
  • We enjoy making lists.
  • We pride ourselves on our customer services (and good looks).
  • Our team ate 165 ½ tacos in one sitting.
  • We keep rawhide toys in the office, in case you want to bring your dog to visit.
  • Our doors are always open. Unless they’re locked because we’ve gone home. Even then, you might find a developer on the couch.
  • NJI’s Client Services team believes that each client is unique. Each solution we provide is tailored to our specific clients’ needs.
  • Thanks to our high Employee Engagement Success Rate, we may soon offer matchmaking services.
  • One of our partners began as a NASCAR reporter.
  • Our designers don’t believe in cookie-cutter solutions. Except when baking cookies, of course.
  • Should we ever start an office band, we’d have one really great drummer, and a whole lot of people playing the tambourine.
  • We have the beginnings of a motorcycle gang starting in the Warehouse. With the tats to match.
  • Our office space, the Warehouse, was used to grow bamboo in the 19th Century.
  • We designed and constructed our own desks using solid cedar, galvanized steel and glass. We won’t be doing that again.
  • We keep a panda as our mysterious and surly mascot. He delivers gifts.
  • Our beverage fridge is stocked with everything from juice boxes to Perrier.
  • We brew our own beer. Most of the time it’s delicious.
  • We have a department dedicated to propaganda.
  • One member of our crew is a former child model… You’ll never guess.
  • We’re looking for more left-handed clients.
  • We’ve outlawed decaf at the Warehouse.
  • Our clients have been known to stop by the warehouse during an all-out Nerf war.

The Team

  • Nathan Imperiale


    Nathan Imperiale


    Throughout his career, Nathan Imperiale has been a trailblazer in the digital media industry. He has been lauded as “one of the youngest and most talented operatives” in the field of digital communications. Imperiale has advised top congressional leaders, executive branch officials, corporations and issue advocacy groups on digital communications strategies. Nathan has served as […]

  • Josh Shultz


    Josh Shultz


    As President of NJI Media, Josh Shultz has charted an innovative approach to strategic services and team management. While at NJI Media, Josh has directed online communications campaigns for some of the largest non-profit groups and associations in D.C. In his position, Josh manages all three divisions of NJI Media, helps shape the creative concepts, […]

  • Dave Tate

    Director of Development

    Dave Tate

    Director of Development

    As Director of Development, Dave Tate brings to NJI Media a broad range of digital media expertise with a focus on open-source web technologies; his wealth of understanding in PHP-based content management systems such as Drupal and WordPress puts him at the forefront of developing state-of-the-art online communities. Dave’s technological leadership has been vital to […]

  • Alex Sailer

    Creative Director

    Alex Sailer

    Creative Director

    Alex Sailer oversees the visual direction for all of NJI Media’s projects by combining client requests with supporting research to define the goals and constraints of each project. From start to finish he is involved with the entire process of product development, including the initial planning, research and design. He provides direction for the design […]

  • Phillip Herndon

    Director of Strategy

    Phillip Herndon

    Director of Strategy

    As Director of Strategy at NJI Media, Phillip Herndon makes sure clients’ online outreach and engagement programs are based on a sound understanding of the current political, digital and competitive landscapes. He is responsible for optimizing clients’ campaigns to gather and activate vocal support for their issues and brands online. Phillip brings experience from a […]

  • Jennifer Hoang

    Operations Manager

    Jennifer Hoang

    Operations Manager

    As the Operations Manager, Jen Hoang brings to NJI Media dual knowledge and experience in both fields of Marketing and Accounting.  A jack-of-all-trades, she handles all things operational. With her sharp attention to detail and organizational skills, Jen continues to implement internal standards and practices within the company. She’s currently working on a paperless, green-friendly […]

  • Drew Ellis


    Drew Ellis


    As part of the Creative team, Drew Ellis adds innovation and creativity to the already stellar lineup. While at NJI Media Drew has worked on client’s brand identities, websites, illustrations and various other creative concepts. Drew graduated from Virginia Tech with a degree in Graphic Design, where he won numerous awards for his design. It […]

  • Mason Plunkett


    Mason Plunkett


    After graduating from Virginia Tech in 2010 with a Bachelor of Architecture degree, Mason Plunkett discovered a passion for visual communication, and shifted gears to pursue a career in graphic design.

  • Marie Formica

    Senior Project Manager

    Marie Formica

    Senior Project Manager

    As Senior Project Manager, Marie works with each department to ensure the projects for NJI's clients are properly envisioned and executed. From initial framework to final launch and post-launch traffic measurement, she weaves requests from clients with recommendations from fellow Strategy Team members.

  • Debbie Kan


    Debbie Kan


    Debbie’s passion for web development sparked during her teenage years when she found an interest in creating blogs and the culture that it entailed.

  • Andrew Greeson


    Andrew Greeson


    Soon after obtaining his degree in Visual Communications Design from Virginia Tech in 2012, Andrew began work in the real world designing websites and applications for various non-profits and corporations located in the Washington D.C. area. After a couple years of learning the ropes he joined the creative team here at NJI Media as a […]

  • Leo Bauza


    Leo Bauza


    Leo Bauza joined NJI Media after over two years of building sites and applications for non-profits and associations in the D.C. area. Before that, he started his career at a three person Facebook Application startup where he doubled as developer and graphic designer. Leo graduated with a BFA from the Savannah College of Art and […]

  • Nate Politi

    Senior Project Manager

    Nate Politi

    Senior Project Manager

    Nate has worked on complex strategy, branding, digital and print campaign execution, and web development for clients ranging from large corporations to small not-for-profits.

  • Katie Miller

    Project Manager

    Katie Miller

    Project Manager

    Serving the NJI Strategy team as a Project Manager, Katie works to provide clients with their digital project needs. From social media tools to website design, she ensures that clients receive the best possible results.

  • Panda




    I am no longer responding to emails, messages, or tweets about where I am from, where I went to school, or what I do in my free time. That goes for you too, Derek. If you want to know anything about me, you can find it here.


Open Positions

Account Manager

NJI Media is a creative digital agency in Old Town Alexandria, Virginia. We're looking for an Account Manager to join our Strategy team. At NJI we work with some of the most influential corporate, political and non-profit organizations. Take a look at our work at NJIMedia.com.

Account Managers are the main strategists and liaisons between our clients and NJI's creative and development teams. You'll be guiding clients' digital strategy while managing projects and making sure tasks are on time, meet the client's goals, and are of the highest quality. Projects generally include full web builds, digital creative, and long-term online messaging and outreach.

To be a great candidate, ask yourself, do you:

  • Thrive in situations where the correct answer isn't obvious?
  • Have a passion for digital communications, whether web, social, mobile, advertising or anything else?

I hope so, because we'll need you to:

  • Learn and teach how and why to use new technologies, and explain how it will affect an organization's communications tactics
  • Manage multiple urgent tasks in a fast-paced environment, assessing priority on the fly
  • Distill nebulous ideas into concrete tasks and deliverables
  • Wow clients with excellent poise and a 'we got this' attitude
  • Be the best cheerleader for our work, itemizing its brilliance
  • Be the harshest critic of our work, ensuring only our best gets out the door
  • Be part Yoda and part Han Solo – dishing out deep, zen wisdom, but always ready figure out how to get it done right and insanely fast when it's crunch time

This is a job that requires a lot of writing, and a lot of talking. Clarity and persuasiveness are a must.

While the buck will stop with you for many things, we rely a lot on each other. You should be someone who’s comfortable being relied on, and reaching out for support when you need it.

Resume-wise, we'll be looking for someone with a few years experience in the field, or experience in a related client-facing role and digital chops of another sort. While we're a casual office, we will be looking for the professionalism we will expect you to convey to our clients.

To apply, please send your resume and a few paragraphs explaining why you have what it takes to jobs@njimedia.com. Consider including a link to a writing sample, website, or other project you're proud of having worked on.

If you call us or drop by, our front desk will very politely point you to jobs@njimedia.com, so save us both the trouble.

Project Manager

NJI Media is a creative digital agency in Old Town Alexandria, Virginia. We're looking for a Project Manager to join our Strategy team.

Candidates must have an understanding of brand development, website design and online communications strategy. This position will be responsible for maintaining client relationships, managing projects from proposal to launch, providing general support and top level strategy.

We are looking for someone with copywriting experience, communication skills, advanced organizational skills, an outgoing personality and the ability to think creatively in a team environment.

We want someone who can bring big ideas to the table and react quickly and efficiently to our clients’ needs.

  • Serving as the main point of contact on new brand development projects
  • Lead the design, development, and deployment process for online platforms
  • Estimating, scheduling and defining project deliverables
  • Assisting with concepting new websites and interactive features
  • Consulting clients on online communications and social media strategy
  • 1-3 years of experience on a team creating for technology-, design-, or communications-focused projects
  • Familiarity with the metrics that signify effectiveness online
  • Must be an effective time, resource and technology manager
  • Must be able to work across teams to respond to ever-changing client needs

For Bonus Points

  • Experience with open-source CMS solutions like WordPress and Drupal
  • Experience with one or more of these: HTML, Google Analytics, Excel
  • Portfolio of projects on which you have worked
  • A sense of humor

To Apply

To apply, please send your resume and a few paragraphs explaining why you have what it takes to jobs@njimedia.com. Consider including a link to a website, writing sample or other online profile you’re particularly proud of.

If you call us or drop by, our front desk will very politely point you to jobs@njimedia.com, so save us both the trouble.

PHP Web Developer

We seek an experienced and versatile web developer who enjoys a broad range of both front-end and back-end development responsibilities. The ideal candidate is able to quickly, independently, and precisely build a PHP-driven web site from design assets and functional documentation. Maintenance and updates to existing sites also factors heavily into the responsibilities of this position. PHP experience is a must – we frequently build on proven and popular content management systems like Drupal and Wordpress. We want to hire a smiling face to join our exceptional crew each morning here in Old Town Alexandria.

  • Works with team and independently to build front and back end of PHP-driven websites from design assets and functional documentation
  • Maintenance and updates to existing sites
  • HTML - Demonstrated correct and semantic application of markup, including headers, lists, forms, etc. Table-less layouts
  • CSS - Mastery of clean and efficient cross-browser styling techniques, Sass/SCSS
  • Javascript - Strong knowledge of syntax, variables, and operators. Experience using basic features of debugging tools such as Firebug, or another inspector required
  • jQuery - Capable of leveraging jQuery to modify existing UI behaviors and interactions and to create brand new ones from scratch
  • Linux - Some familiarity working from shell or terminal in Mac or linux
  • Apache - Background with Apache web server, knowledge of basic configuration, optimization and authentication techniques
  • MySQL - Knowledge of schemas, tables, users and privileges, principles of relational databases, and SQL commands. Able to migrate legacy data from unlike management systems
  • Very strong with PHP syntax and features. Understand variables, constants, arrays, loops, internal functions, php configurations, error logging/reporting, and OOP principals
  • Drupal/Wordpress - Demonstrated experience installing and developing quality sites in Drupal 7 or Wordpress 3
  • Analytics - Familiar with implementing and evaluating results from metric gathering technologies such as Google Analytics
  • JSON - Familiar with JSON syntax, asynchronous javascript, and encoding/decoding JSON data in PHP
  • XML - Understand how to properly structure and use XML for transferring data

If this sounds like you, please send an informal email to Dave at jobs@njimedia.com with a brief message introducing yourself, and attach your resume. If you have a portfolio, include the link, and especially include any code samples that reflect your abilities. Thanks! We're excited to hear from you.


NJI Media hosts non-traditional, paid internships throughout the year. Internships are generally available in all departments whether operations, strategy, client services, design or development. Interns work directly with our teams on client-relevant work. Some experience with design and/or web development is a must. You don’t need to have a portfolio of websites under your belt, but we do require that you have a strong desire to learn quickly. We want the kind of person looking to work in a fast-moving environment where the quality of work is paramount, and the opportunity to grow is large. Expect to work hard and have lots of fun at the same time.

  • Responsibilities vary by internship, but all include:
  • Dreaming up good, creative ideas for clients
  • Assisting with department organizational and administrative tasks
  • Running the occasional errand
  • Must have a college degree or currently be enrolled in school
  • Advanced computing skills
  • Excellent communication skills
  • The ability to think creatively in a team environment
  • A sense of humor

Internships at NJI Media generally last for three months. However, start and end dates are flexible. Interns earn $9 per hour and generally work at least three days per week. We’re also open to taking candidates who can work full time. Please send your resume to jobs@njimedia.com with a brief cover letter written like you’re a real person. Copy/pasting a cover letter that makes you sound like you wear a suit seven days a week won’t get you too far. We want to hear who you are, really. No phone calls or drop-ins, please.